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Shelter / Rescue Group FAQs

The Pet Beds are available in Medium, Large and X-Large sizes.

Slimline Medium Pet Bed Dimensions:
Frame 35″ x 23″ /
Slimline Large Pet Bed Dimensions:
Frame 40″ x 25″ /

Slimline X-Large Pet Bed Dimensions:
Frame 44 x 27” /

Each Slimline Pet Bed has an all metal construction and is made of aluminum.  The topper is made of durable 40 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric.

Unfortunately, no … Effective January 2017 – we have partnered with Kuranda and are now offering their Slimline Pet Beds and replacement toppers only.  We are no longer offering the pet beds and toppers we were offering previously and no longer have any replacement parts or toppers for the pet beds we offered prior to January 2017.

You will need a Phillips Head Screwdriver to assemble your pet bed/s.  This is not provided with your pet bed. 



The Slimline Pet Beds are very easy to keep clean.  No need to disassemble the bed – simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or if it requires heavier cleaning – warm soapy water and some disinfectant may be used.   Then simply rinse it off and tip if off to one side to let the water thoroughly drain off and let the bed dry before using it again.

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We’d love to work with any Shelter, Rescue Group or non-profit striving to improve the lives of animals each day.

Just send the following information to us at and we’ll gladly reach out and invite them to be one of our BlueBed Donation Program participants!

Organization Name



Contact Email Address

or ask them to submit their information to us directly here!