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We love the new pet beds with the 4-side protection!. The animals love them and it really makes the difference! Our shelter babies are much more comfortable for their stay here. The pet beds are easy to clean, really hard to tear up, they are just fantastic!

Amber Neal
Sebastian County Humane Society (AR)

Blue Bed Donation Program

Give them a hint of home ~ while they wait for theirs™

What is The Blue Bed Donation Program™? 

The sad truth is the majority of animal shelters are unable to provide pet beds for their rescues because the cost of pet beds is just too high.

Since 2010 it’s been our mission to make quality pet beds available to shelter and rescue groups, at cost (and we pay the shipping in the contiguous USA!) so finally they are able provide their rescues with the pet beds they need and to date, with the help of our generous supporters, we’ve shipped pet beds to 2,500+ rescue groups and shelters across the USA!

But why donate Pet Beds?  

Tragically, for a rescued animal, their time spent in a shelter may well be the last days they’ll ever know. Others, could spend weeks, months or longer (in the case of no-kill shelters) in the same kennel – so it’s very important to provide these precious animals, who’ve already suffered so much, a good standard of care and enrichment while they wait patiently for adoption.

Most rescued animals are housed in kennels with concrete floors, separated by wire fencing.  The floors are hard and cold and often soiled.  When they’re cleaned, it’s done by hosing out the area.  So time and time again, summer and winter, when the animal is returned to the kennel, they have no option but to lie on the now wet, cold, hard floor.   There’s little relief for the elderly or injured or even pregnant mothers – or mothers with little ones. They don’t have the simple pleasure of curling up comfortably and resting easy.

But the most important reason for donating a Pet Bed is this: A pet bed can help an animal be adopted and therefore save a life!  And this is why …

Shelters are typically very noisy and highly chaotic environments. It’s a well-known fact this causes added anxiety for these already stressed animals.  They often pace endlessly, become depressed, express psychological distress and, sadly, don’t always get an opportunity to show their best selves – at times making adoption a challenge!  

Shelter enrichment (a simple pet bed .. a toy) not only gives a rescue immediate comfort – it reduces their stress and anxiety level, helping to bring out their true personality to prospective adopters (often the difference between life and death in a shelter).

Your Gift of a Pet Bed Saves Lives


How can I help/get involved/participate?

Animal Rescue Aid offers quality pet beds for donation to shelter and rescue groups –

Medium Size ~ 35 x 23 x 8″ ~ $69.00

Large Size ~ 40 x 25 x 8″ ~ $74.00

X-Large Size ~ 44 x 27 x 8″ ~ $89.00 per pet bed!

In addition, we cover all shipping costs making every, tax-deductible (as applicable), fund-raising dollar go even further!

Each Pet Bed is made in the USA from rust proof aluminum and are of the highest quality and shelter tough to stand up to the rigors of the shelter environment.

Finally, it’s feasible for shelters and rescue groups to provide pet beds to the animals in their care.


Note: TheBlueBed Donation Program™ – formerly known as the Animal Rescue Aid National Pet Bed Donation Program™

1As a shelter/animal rescue group – Join us and become a Shelter/Rescue Group Participant – it’s FREE! Then simply order the pet beds you need and/or rally your network to receive donations for the pet beds you need.
2As a volunteer/supporter – organize a pet bed donation drive for the shelter/animal rescue group you support. If they’re not already a program participant, submit their information and we’ll get them added!
3Or simply make tax-deductible (as applicable) donation for any one of the very deserving animal shelters/rescue groups listed on our website!